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R.E.M.I. Media Ventures Ltd

Updated: Feb 2

R.E.M.I. Media Ventures Ltd is a holding company founded in 2012, specializing in industries including real estate, education, marketing, media, farming, transportation, services, media & technology, online education, business services and more. With the goal of maximizing benefits for customers and communities, R.E.M.I. excels in advertising & marketing, business development, strategic planning, and business analysis. In this article, we will take a closer look at R.E.M.I.'s various subsidiaries.

City Buzz Local is a comprehensive international business directory that lists thousands of small businesses and is the home of City Buzz Local News, one of the well-known independent press release companies. With its broad network, City Buzz Local helps small businesses reach new customers and expand their reach.

City Buzz Media offers over 100 international, tailored, and localized city portals featuring music, community resources, Big Indy TV & Radio, and a platform for local creators to showcase their work. This broad coverage makes City Buzz Media a valuable resource for businesses and individuals looking to connect with their local communities.

REMI Ponics, based on a 102-acre farm, specializes in aquaponics, animal husbandry, and traditional gardening. The company's goal is to provide healthy and sustainable food options and educate others on the benefits of aquaponics.

REMI Transport Company is a full-service interstate transportation firm providing marketing and placement services for auto dealers. The company offers efficient and dependable transportation services to meet the needs of its clients.

The Indyverse is a cutting-edge metaverse virtual reality destination that allows users to purchase virtual land, attend entertainment events, watch 3D films, shop at malls, and buy NFTs. With real-time capabilities, the Indyverse provides an interactive and immersive virtual experience.

REMI Ventures, the project division of R.E.M.I. Media Ventures, takes on projects to increase value and revenue for the entire organization and is always exploring new and innovative ways to grow. Old Woman Springs Camp is one such project currently underway.

BAZZLE, a subsidiary of REMI Transport Company, is an on-demand load board for the trucking industry designed to increase efficiency and reward users with crypto tokens. BAZZLE is built on the Leap Q blockchain.

Land Grab Real Estate Network is a Zillow-style website showcasing land for sale, while Real Estate Hack provides clients with hands-on training on purchasing land with as little as $1000.00 down and the resources to cash flow and/or develop their property.

REMI Marketing is the in-house marketing department of R.E.M.I. Media Ventures that provides its full-service marketing and advertising services to both the company and the public. With its extensive network spanning over 300 countries, REMI Marketing has the resources and expertise to help businesses of all sizes grow.

Big Indy Inc, a subsidiary of R.E.M.I. Media Ventures, provides a wide range of services such as custom websites, app development, video production, social media management, and Big Indy TV & Radio, a platform for local creators to promote their work. The Multi-Platform Marketing & Advertising method used by Big Indy Inc leverages R.E.M.I.'s extensive network spanning over 300 countries to offer its clients a comprehensive marketing and advertising solution across multiple platforms including TV, radio, online, and more.

In conclusion, R.E.M.I. Media Ventures is a one-stop-shop for all your needs related to business, education, real estate, and media. With its diversified portfolio of subsidiaries, R.E.M.I. provides its customers with a comprehensive range of services and products. From advertising and marketing services, to business development, strategic planning, and analysis, R.E.M.I. has it all. Additionally, the company's focus on sustainability and healthy living is reflected in its subsidiary REMI Ponics, which specializes in aquaponics, animal husbandry, and traditional gardening. The company's goal is to maximize benefits for its customers and communities, and it is achieving this goal through its diverse holdings and innovative solutions. The tech division of R.E.M.I. is always pushing the boundaries of innovation and is poised for an exciting year, with plans to roll out 6 new apps that are designed to provide customers with a seamless and intuitive experience. With its focus on user-centered design and the latest advancements in artificial intelligence and machine learning, R.E.M.I. and its subsidiaries are set to disrupt their respective industries and provide value to its customers for years to come.

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